What are the effects of Unhealthy Lifestyle?

Effects of unhealthy lifestyle

Due to busy lifestyle, we are unable to make time for ourselves. Which cause various effects on our health? There are many of us who do the job of 9 to 6 and cannot find time for themselves. Lots of the people don’t even know what is lifestyle? Lifestyle plays very big role in wellness, health and fitness.

Several fitness industries which rely on people participating in a healthy diet and exercise. Dietician, fitness trainers and nutritionists are giving their best to provide healthy lifestyles to the people.

How does food impact health

Food plays very major role in our daily lifestyle. If we are eating too much food which does not give the correct details to our body then we can develop disease or conditions such as Heart Disease, Arthritis and Type 2 Diabetes.

Some people eat Fast or junk food on regular basis. There are several side effects of junk foods. It can cause higher risk of hypertension, digestive issues, obesity, heart disease or stroke, early death, type 2 diabetes, cancer and migraine.

By absorb too much junk food, the body loses healthy nutrients and amino acids. It makes difficult for the brain to function properly and can leave you feeling depressed. Junk food often increased the loss of memory and learning problems in the kids.

Effects of unhealthy lifestyle

There are many effects of unhealthy lifestyle. I give an example of my own life. When I used to work in Delhi NCR. I could not give myself any time. And mostly used to eat outside food. I could not even get time to cook for myself. I was getting week in day by day and I started having dizzy and dysfunctional problems.

When I told this to my mother, my mother asked me to come home. As per my mother advice I came back home and when she saw me, she got shocked and started crying. My weight was reduced from 62 to 48.

One day when I woke up in the morning, my stomach ache was very strong. I was suffering like a dead fish. When I went to the doctor to do my health checkup, he told me swelling in the stomach and told me to do ultrasound.

I wondered why he spoke for ultrasound. I am alright. But the i went with my parents to do ultrasound in the fetus and when the doctor did my ultrasound, a 5.4 mm stone came out in the report. I was feeling helpless. I stopped eating everything. I started having fever too.

So, I got a blood test and discovered I got Typhoid also. I considered myself the most unhappy person in the world. Then my parents helped me to change my lifestyle. I started to practice Yoga, meditation and eat healthy & notorious food. I included some fruits and greens in my daily diet and instantly felt much better. So, a healthy lifestyle leads to a healthy mind and happy life.

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